Should You Watch This Kdrama? Pros and Cons for Chicago Typewriter, Man to Man, and My Secret Romance

Annyeong! After that long title, I’ll just stop beating the bush and go straight to these three dramas.

Chicago Typewriter


* It has a unique story about writers from the 1930s reincarnated in the present time as a peculiar triumvirate: a fan, a best-selling selling author, and a ghost.

* Bromance bloomed again with the adorable pairing of Yoo Ah In and Go Kyung Pyo. Gosh! This pair cracked me up.

* The supernatural encounters are hilarious.

* The soundtrack is just dreamy and will take you to places. I fell in love with SALTNPAPER’s Satellite.


* The storytelling dragged mid-way but don’t walk away as this will change in the later episodes.

* I had a problem connecting with the romance element. I felt as if the chemistry wasn’t really a light at first matchstick.

* Yoo Ah In’s hair was quite interesting to me. I have zero problems with an ultra short hairstyle, even no hair, but I just didn’t like that particular shape and style. The Yoo Ah In from the past life though had a really flufy run-your-fingers-through-my-hair style.

* It’s an underrated drama (Is this a pro or a con?) But I appreciate the substance of this drama a whole lot and wish it gained more attention.

Man to Man


* It’s action packed from start to finish.

* All the political intrigue, mogul problems, and black ops agent system made the whole drama interesting.

* Park Hae Jin leads the cast. This is for everyone who miss him after Cheese in the Trap. He looks so cool and manly here.

* Bromance is also strong with this one as the title might suggest. To be honest, Park Hae Jin had more chemistry with Park Sung Woong than with Kim Min Jung. Broda!


* Don’t look for romance overload in this drama. It is not the central point and unfortunately, the romantic chemistry is lacking. It is not because of the limited scenes but I just couldn’t ship Park Hae Jin and Kim Min Jung. I can’t find the zing!

* What’s the deal with Kim Min Jung’s hair? I have hair issues these days. As a woman with short hair, I strongly support this trend but for the love of God! Don’t bluntly chop it off and make it look like a bad wig. She’s too beautiful for that.

* The ending scene did nothing for me. I was looking for that extra kick or that blessed peace and resolution but I didn’t find it. You still have to give this a chance though as it is one of the better dramas.

My Secret Romance


* If you’re craving for that good ‘ole rich man poor woman Kdrama, this is it. Your fantasy drama is back.

* Song Ji Eun shines in this drama. I genuinely like her a lot in this one. She’s pretty, feisty, naturally cute, and wears the same clothes I would. She’s a relatable character.

 * Sung Hoon swims a lot in this drama. A LOT OF SUNG HOON. Fun fact: Sung Hoon was a member of South Korea’s national swimming team for 14 years.

* There’s a lot of food since the focus is on Lee Yoo Mi, a company nutritionist. Why is food so tempting in Kdramas? Food is life!

* Watch out for the cute manhwa style animation in every episode.


* The first pro is also my first con. This drama is so cliched that I can almost predict the scenes in every episode.

* There are only 13 episodes. Is that a pro though? I’m not sure. For anyone who loved the drama though, 13 is a bummer.

* It was a real bore. Fans, please don’t kill me. I was honestly bored with it. Even the hot kisses couldn’t save me. I actually skipped a lot of scenes until I could get to the end. Again, please don’t kill me.

These are just my personal reactions so if you disagree with me, I’m fine with it. We’re all different cups of tea. Thank you for reading! Annyeong!


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