The Prodigal Daughter is Coming Back

Hi there! Surprise! I’m not dead! This is going to be short just to say that I deeply apologize for neglecting my blog and thank you for still following. I see new followers! Hello there! I’m sorry you don’t see much these days. My beloved laptop of several years has officially died and I’ve yet to replace it. I’ll have a replacement soon though as I badly need it for work. Currently, I’m using my tablet and I had difficulty adjusting to it, especially with all the writing jobs I have. The smaller screen, smaller keyboard, and my awesome eyesight are slowly making friends with each other. 

I haven’t lost track of my dramas though so I’ll be posting new reviews and reactions soon. Going back to April dramas to the present may present some very, very minor setback but that’s nothing to a dedicated fangirl. I have marked my most memorable dramas. I’ll be back this week with reactions for Chicago Typewriter, Man to Man, and Secret Romance. Thank you so much reading! Annyeong!


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