My Favorite Time Traveling KDramas for 2016-2017

Annyeong! Fantasy, magic, and science fiction have always been great elements of a good Korean drama. Every now and then, we watch unforgettable gems like the body swapping in Secret Garden and the lovely shape shifter in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. How can we ignore Goblin’s splendor? It’s difficult to resist the pull of the unknown, the magical, and the impossible. The urge to let the mind wander and imagine will always be present when a Korean drama is tagged fantasy and sci fi.

One of my favorite elements of sci-fi/fantasy is time travel. I still don’t know where time travel belongs. Is it fantasy? Is it science fiction? What are its components which could make it a precursor to real science? THAT… I ABSOLUTELY DON’T KNOW. All I know is that time traveling is an intriguing and attractive concept. It’s a mystery but I don’t know if it could be a possibility. Korean dramas have employed time traveling before and I am glad to see its continuity this year. If you have the urge to watch this futuristic element, then you can take these three dramas in consideration.1

1. Signal (tvN)

You won’t want to miss Signal. This drama is a critical success with good cable ratings. Signal is about two detectives from different times who solve crimes, especially an old puzzling murder, and communicate with an issued policeman’s walkie talkie. This device allows the detective from the past to communicate with the cop from the future. As mystery and thriller dramas go, this one will keep you asking two questions: “Who is it?” and “What’s next?” It was tricky not to keep on bingeing and forego sleep every night. How can you sleep with so many questions in your head? That’s how it got to me and this will always remain a favorite drama of mine.2

2. Tomorrow With You (tvN)

It looks like tvN is fond of time travel- from Nine: Nine Time Travels, to Signal and Tomorrow With You. This drama stars Shin Min Ah and Lee Jee Hoon again from Signal as a married couple with an extraordinary secret. The husband (Lee Jee Hoon) is a time traveler who travels only to the future using the subway. Though this is sci fi drama, I felt like the whole point of the drama was the struggle of a married couple who tries to live in the present while the future looms over them. If you’re a hardcore science fiction fan, you may want to put the fanatic heart aside and let the glow of romance bloom. Yes, time traveling is still very much present but I appreciated the fact that the whole point of the story was living in the present and appreciating the people who are currently around you. Thumbs up for Shin Min ah for being, as always, the Queen of Chemistry.3

3. Tunnel (OCN)

Tunnel, not to be mistaken with the movie of the same title, is about a detective who was trapped in the future after chasing a serial murderer. Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) is from 1986 who unwittingly travels 30 years into the future. He takes on the role of a missing cop with the same name as he tries, numerous times, to go back into his time while solving present crimes. This is supposed to be a serious crime, thriller drama but it’s actually quite amusing to see Park Kwang Ho navigate 2017 with the presence of new skyscrapers, DNA, smart phones, and internet. Because Tunnel is currently airing with 8 episodes in, I’m excited to see what more this drama can offer.

Time traveling has always been a fascinating concept and one I’m excited but also terrified to see happening. Can you imagine if ever and how much history will alter? Can you also imagine the negative things you can change in your life and how it will affect your future? The possibilities are endless but to be frank, I’d rather live and survive the present and let the future surprise me. It is exciting to realize that dramas can truly affect the way we perceive things and that is definitely one of the reasons why I keep watching them. Aside from time travel, are there any fantastical elements in dramas that captivate you? I hope we continue to enjoy these dramas. Thank you for reading. Don’t worry! You’re still reading from 2017. Annyeong!


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