3 Reasons to Watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Annyeong! As you can tell from my earlier posts, I am a big fan of strong female leads and I already mentioned my fondness for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. This JTBC hit is one of my unexpected 2017 drama favorites. If you haven’t watched it yet, then this is the perfect time to binge watch. If you need a motivation, here are my top three reasons because you only need three.1

1. Do Bong Soon is a strong female lead. Obviously, she is physically strong but the best thing about Bong Soon is her ability to stand up for herself. Trapped in an unrequited love for 15 years, though I think it was just a massive crush, she knew when enough is enough and stopped from hurting her heart any further. I admire anyone who can manage to dig themselves out despite the allure to curl and remain in the dark. Bong Soon won’t have any of that drama. She allowed herself to love and be loved fully because she knows that’s what she deserve.2Park Bo Young is swiftly becoming one of my favorite actresses. This girl’s acting chops is not to be messed with. She’s naturally cute, fierce, and her ability to display emotion is infectious.3

2. Ahn Min Hyuk is an unproblematic male lead. Thank you Korean drama gods! To have a male lead that’s not a tsundere and a jerk is always a welcoming breath of fresh air. Ahn Min Hyuk says what’s on his mind and says what he feels ever since episode 1! There are no pretentions and he’s not trying to look cool because he naturally is.4

His dramatic and exaggerated actions are my new aesthetics in life. Dramatic door openings are life!5And may I just fully admire his unabashed love and adoration for Do Bong Soon? Where can we get a man like this in real life? Park Hyung Sik is now my new main man (and laptop wallpaper) for this season.63. The humor is on point. The plot can sometimes be all over the place, sketchy logic because it’s Kdrama, and there are unnecessary scenes but I still love it anyway. There are scenes which are seemingly disconnected to the whole plot but I watch it for pure hilarity! The fighting scenes are exaggerated for comedy but the reactions are pure entertainment. Added element like the feces wine (Yeah, you read that right.) is a surefire way to your tickle bones. I don’t want to expound that to avoid spoilers. One thing I highly detest about this drama though is the comedic portrayal of abuse. Bong Soon’s mom beats up her dad and THAT IS NOT FUNNY! Dear writer-nim, ABUSE IS NOT COMEDY! PLEASE STOP! In the last episode I watched, Bong Soon’s dad seemingly standing up for himself and I hope, dearly hope, that her mom would change.

I may have not added the kidnapping factor, which is not pretty by the way, and the second male lead In Guk Doo played by Ji Soo just because it’s not part of my top reasons. They’re still part of what makes this drama awesome.  If you’re looking for something to tickle the feels, this is that drama. JTBC’s Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is ending next week and my heart is not ready. Eottoke? I need more! I hope you enjoy this drama as much as I did. Annyeong!



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