The Rise of Supergirls in 2017: Kim Bok Joo versus Do Bong Soon

Annyeong! Pow! Ka-BOOM! My favorite female character in any story is one who can hold her own weight physically, emotionally, and all the other –llys. I’m not saying I like a strong and cold person, everyone has flaws and weaknesses but I’d rather favor someone who stands by her principles and her values, and  knows how to stand up for herself. And that is in fact the opposite of a cold person.

My favorite women for this first drama quarter of 2017 are Kim Bok Joo and Do Bong Soon. Two women, both physically strong, made their mark by letting their opinions heard, pursuing their dreams, sticking to their values, and allowing their inner strength to shine. Now that’s the kind of woman I would like to be. The question is: If you can only choose one to swap bodies with, who would it be? Would it be Kim Bok Joo or Do Bong Soon? Let’s break down the details.

Super Strength. What type of strength would you have? Is it Bok Joo’s weightlifting prowess?1

Or is it Bong Soon’s out worldly strength? 2

Cuteness Level. Is it Bok Joo’s towering aegyo beauty? 3Or is it Bong Soon’s peanut sized King Kong splendor?4

The Voice of Reason. Both of these women have strong opinions about life. Kim Bok Joo will take it to the streets.5

Do Bong Soon will let you know what’s on her mind.6

A Friend for Life. Would you rather have Bok Joo’s empathetic and supportive heart? 7Or have Bong Soon’s strong arms and even stronger heart?8

Appa Power. Both of these beautiful ladies have a heart of gold and we saw it in their love for their fathers and vice versa. Would you rather be chicken spoiled by Bok Joo’s dad? 9Or be sweetly loved by the walnut pies of Bong Soon’s appa?10Boyfriend material. Who would you rather be with? Would it be swimmer Jung Joon Hyung or gaming company CEO Ahn Min Hyuk?11


I bet it’s difficult to choose just one. Both women are strong and beautiful in and out and if I can’t be them, then I hope to find a friend like Bok Joo or Bong Soon. These are the kind of women I want to see when I want to relax at the end of the day. I am entertained by both dramas and definitely craving for more characters who are funny, aspirational, and strong-willed. I hope you enjoyed the dramas like I did. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is still airing on JTBC every Friday and Saturday. Thanks for reading! Annyeong!


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