Kuzu no Honkai is Unapologetically NSFW/NSFS

Just for the heck of it, NSFW is Not Safe for Work and NSFS is Not Safe for School. Just for the heck of it again, I’m pretty sure you know this means content which may not be acceptable or offensive in a place of work, school, or the general public.

Now that I got that out of the way, here are some of my thoughts on the drama and the anime. Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish) is a very rare occurrence in the drama and anime world in which both are airing simultaneously. We usually have to wait for months, mostly years, before an anime’s (or manga’s) live-action is released. I initially have no idea if that’s a good thing but as the drama progressed, I realized that I have less expectations and I’m just waiting to be surprised.

To ease myself into the story, I started watching the first episode of the anime and just switched back and forth between it and the drama. I know that sounds like I’m setting myself up for a headache but that’s the general rule of fangirling. Remember what Ron Weasley said? “You’re gonna suffer but you’re gonna be happy about it.” I have to make that into a tattoo or a t-shirt.

Because I avoided reading the manga and its summary, I wasn’t expecting anything when I started. Oh boy! It was a surprise indeed. Here we have two teenagers with raging hormones who badly needed to release their sexual desires despite having feelings for different people. Said people are actually adults. Although this obviously has a sexual theme, I have to remind you that this anime is not hentai. Sir, Ma’am, the demographic is for adults so sit down and calm down. This is adult anime. It is anime and not a cartoon-gone-wrong.1

The provocative aspect was actually handled with a style that wasn’t vulgar or scattered. It was hushed but erotic and psychologically mind-scratching. That’s right, I said scratch because of the number of times I had to tilt my head and scratch my scalp thinking “What in the heck are these kids thinking?” I have nothing against the story but I have everything against the characters. If the writers’ job was to provoke my big sister instinct, then they did a good job. I was resisting every urge to give an open discussion on “Why Is It Not Nice to Play with People’s Feelings?” and “What are Healthy Relationships?” and giving away links to Sex Ed. 2

When I started the drama, I was pretty startled to realize that Sakurada Dori was playing Awaya Mugi, the male lead. I’m not sure how many or if there was any provoking role he has played before, because I’ve only seen the innocent ones, but I was pretty surprised. How many times have I used the word surprised in this post? Anyway, I was actually glad to see him take on a role that not many actor with an “idol-like” status would take. He portrayed Mugi enough to show a teenager who’s horny, like most teenagers are, confused, growing, and prone to make mistakes in life. 3

I, in all honesty, have no idea what to expect of Yoshimoto Miyu who’s playing Yasuraoka Hanabi. I’ve only seen her in From Five to Nine with a forgettable character. Since most of the episodes are centered on the female lead, it wasn’t hard not to take a good look at her. Hanabi, who’s desperately in love with an older man, compensates for the lack of reciprocated feelings by sleeping with someone who’s not in love with her and someone she’s not in love with. Her feelings are complicated, she has complications with people around her, and she’s making her life complicated. Girl, calm down! My head is starting to ache again. I have to give props to Yoshimoto Miyu. This is not an easy character to portray. She’s playing a role that could typecast her or brand her as a negative role model. But she took it on bravely in hopes to portray a relatable character and someone, I HOPE, would teach a good lesson in the end.

This drama/anime is not for the innocent, for the judgmental, or the close-minded. In that sense though, I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS SHOWN IN TELEVISION (I’m close-minded) but then again, I’ve seen more “interesting” content in television before so I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. I’m also quite aware that teenagers around the world have sex but please, if you are reading this or watching this show, PLEASE PRACTICE SAFETY and educate yourselves. I hope people also realize that it is horrible to use people’s feelings so you can satisfy your desire. If you have feelings for someone and you’re not going to hurt anybody, tell them. Don’t bottle them inside if you’re just going to unleash your fury on someone else. While we’re on the subject of feelings, this show should also teach us that people are not entitled to reciprocate your feelings if they absolutely don’t feel anything at all. Learn that a NO IS A NO or you’ll end up like the sociopaths these characters are turning into. It’s an interesting drama but I wouldn’t call it inspirational. But because of the fascinating subject, I will finish it and I continue to hope that there’s a lesson in it after. This was truly aptly titled. Scum’s Wish indeed.


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