I Will Never Survive the Tunnel Movie. Will You?


Annyeong! After a weekend binge on thrillers, I wanted to indulge on something light, fluffy, and happy. I didn’t know what I was thinking. My thirst for a heart pounding thriller was still real and so I chose the disaster movie Tunnel. Halfway through the movie, I realized that if this happened to me I wouldn’t live to tell the tale.


Point number one: I am claustrophobic. I can never survive in this cramped and broken car for WEEKS. I can barely last an hour in a small car without opening the window. When Ha Jung Woo was asked to hold on for 7 days, I died inside. How can I even last there for an hour? The panic alone would kill me.

Point number two: I would drown all that water in five minutes. Ha Jung Woo only had two small water bottles with him inside the car and he had to make it last for days. I drink so much water that I actually work and write near the rest room because I had to pee a lot. I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. I would be dead in 3 days trapped inside that tunnel.

Point number three: I’m hungry every hour. The only time you will see me angry and sickly is when I’m hungry. The cake he had in the car wouldn’t even last two days with me. Basically, I would die from eating and drinking too much.


Point number four: I would probably give the rest of the food and water to the dog. Thank God! There’s a dog in the movie who survived! I’m sorry for that little bit of spoiler. I tend to avoid movies where the dogs are hurt or killed so hurray for this one. Dogs are my weakness. I cannot resist sad dogs or a hungry dog that’s why my dogs are my owners. I’m the pet.


Point number five: My phone battery wouldn’t last that long. He was able to talk to his wife and the rescuers for days. Seriously, that phone looks like Samsung. My phone is Samsung and its maximum life is 10 or maybe 12 hours. It would only last that long if I don’t use it. Ha Jung Woo’s phone, with a broken screen, lasted for more than a week! How? I would believe you if it was a Nokia 3310 or a 3210. My 3210 fifteen years ago could last 6 days without charging. If there is a smart phone somewhere with this battery, please point me to it. With my present phone though, no one would even know I was in that tunnel.

Point number six: My will is weak. This guy lasted for so long inside the caved in tunnel knowing somebody died with him, rescue was highly impossible, and that the authorities had given up on him. I’m not sure how I’d react or if my survival instincts would take over in this disaster. Knowing how weak my will is, I’d just probably give in to death. HOWEVER, I still wish I could put my Girl Scout intuition to use and the desire to pet more dogs in the future would reign.

I’m essentially weak of heart and mind and that’s why I’ll probably never survive this disaster. If you don’t have any of my “unfortunate” personality blemishes, why don’t you give this movie a try? Just imagine a literal mountain trapping and crushing you inside your car for weeks, do you think you’ll survive?


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