Why You Should Watch Voice

Once in a while, I stumble upon an underrated drama that’s a real gem and I can’t help but wonder why only a few are watching it. Voice is definitely a drama I cannot just watch passed me by. I’ve always been a sucker for action and crime thrillers and despite its inconsistencies, some flaws (There’s a serial killer on the loose. He’s at your door. You’re a cop and the first thing you grab is a knife?), the annoying and unnecessary Subway sandwich scenes, and the violence, Voice will keep you on the edge of your seats. In my opinion though, violence and a bit of gore is necessary for a crime thriller like Voice to keep the realistic and ominous theme. To lure you in with this drama, here are my top reasons to convince you to watch Voice.


  1. The whole drama is a brain twister. I’ve always been a fan of dramas and movies that’ll keep my mind racing and thinking. Like Signal and Two Weeks, Voice has placed my brain in that warped mode and I just can’t complain. Yes, it will keep you guessing for the first few episodes but this is more than just a guessing game. It’s a battle between the human will and resiliency and a deeper understanding of the mind and emotion of someone trapped in a crime. I didn’t even mention the insider’s look into the world of emergency call centers. It’s worth a look.

22. Kim Jae Wook is a convincing serial killer. Watching Kim Jae Wook as a total monster was such a dark delight. It may be difficult to overlook his modelesque height and his chiseled good looks but he could sway you into thinking that this is the face of a real psychopath. The eerily quiet demeanor, the sinister and maniacal giggle, the blank look, the silent rage, and the confident walk of this chaebol psychopath easily radiated from him. I only wished that the writers could’ve explored extensively into the mind of a sociopath. Despite this, Kim Jae Wook will make you fear him.

33. It has strong character leads. The two detectives (played by Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na) were both strong characters even with their opposing personalities. Both may be hell bent on revenge (I greatly feared they would succumb to it) but it’s good to see their heads still screwed on till the end and the sense of justice was still stronger. It could be a little irritating to see one of the detectives losing control and giving in to the urge to gloat in front of the criminal but what’ll happen in the long run will probably be worth the watch. I love the strong female lead with an extra sensitive hearing. There were criticisms about Lee Ha Na’s seemingly blank expression but I think that is the face you get after facing demons in your life. You try to present a hard stone facade and not let the monsters know how they affected you.

44. They kept the whole dark theme to a tee. From the uncanny opening, the darken rooms, the gore, the cryptic and eerie jaw sounds to the frosty cinematography, Voice will let you know that this drama is not your daily cup of tea. It may take some double look and a tall glass of water to get through some scenes but that, I believe, is the whole beauty of it. It’s a serious crime drama. It will be dark. It will be bloody. It will be violent but it will be smart and thrilling.


Voice may not be everyone’s taste but don’t overlook it. You won’t know if you like it if you don’t taste it. If you’re looking for something to tickle and entertain your brain, this is the drama for you.


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