Current Drama Watch for the First Quarter of 2017

Annyeong! I thought of making separate posts about these dramas but I am a slave to laziness so I gave in to one post. When I say current watch, it usually means dramas I wait (in agony) to watch episodes every week. There’s also the additional wait for English subs to come out but, like always, RAW has never stopped me before. I just have to rewatch the episode and appreciate it even more. Following last year’s torture, I am watching five dramas every week. What am I doing with myself? The best thing about it is that I have at least one episode to watch every day. Lucky me! So, here we go.


  1. Hwarang- KBS 2 (South Korea)

The last episode I watched was the subbed episode 19 yesterday and if I’m not mistaken, real-time last episode ended yesterday in South Korea. This means I’m about to end this drama today. Oh wow! Anyway, Hwarang is a Sageuk drama lead by Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, and Park Hyung Sik. The drama takes place in the Kingdom of Silla where its faceless king and a commoner with a secret hides within Hwarang, an elite group of male youth (under the bone rank system) sworn to protect the throne. It was entertaining but not enough to gut my feels into pieces.


2. Introverted Boss- TvN (South Korea)

This comedy drama hit so close to home. As a certified introvert clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I had every urge to hug Eun Hwan Gi (Yeon Woo Jin) every time I see him. This is a good drama to understand people who prefer minimal socialization and why it’s not a flaw to be an introvert. It’s still on episode 9 and I’m hoping the story wouldn’t go sideways and try desperately to change his personality. TvN, I trust you on this.


3. Totsuzen desuga, Ashita Kekkon shimasu- Fuji TV (Japan)

This drama wasn’t originally on my list but because this is my soul mate’s first drama (OUCH! WHO HIT ME?), I have to watch this. Yamamura Ryuta (Flumpool’s vocalist) debut into acting is ADORABLE! I am literally smiling while writing this because I love this man so much. I do understand that this josei manga-turned-drama may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s simple. It’s… What’s that word again? Quiet. If you are usually irked by Japanese’s exaggerations, this is a good break from that and PLEASE, I’m begging you (as his soul mate) to forgive Ryuta’s first try on acting. He’s actually not that bad and seeing all the behind-the-scenes will make you smile because he tries so hard to do his job with excellence. Go baby! This Japanese dorama is about a woman who wants to marry and a man who doesn’t want to marry and, of course, they fall in love. I want to see how this pans out in the drama as the manga has left on a cliffhanger. I still don’t know how it ends. You might want to give this a try.


4. Behind Your Smile- SET (Taiwan)

I purposely watched this drama because of Marcus Chang. After seeing him on Back to 1989, I craved for more of his projects and I’m glad he has one now. I’ll be honest, the leading lady is gorgeous and all but I’m having a hard time connecting to her. Marcus Chang, on the other hand, is wickedly beautiful. Far from the sweet, sometimes-cringey personality of his last character, his personality here is a little dark with a lot of anger and I do like that change. I just started this drama so I have a lot to catch up on. This drama is about a man who has only one purpose in life: to destroy the person who destroyed his life. Hmmm.


5. The King of Romance- EBC (Taiwan)

Here I am again watching another drama because of the male lead. I am doomed. I long planned to watch this drama before it aired and while it only had one teaser because of Lego Lee. This drama is from a Chinese folklore about two lovers who are cursed for seven lives and it’ll only end when they are finally reunited. Present day couple is a chef and a doctor but I’m really hoping to see more of the other lives because seeing Lego Lee in retro uniform gave me so much feels. I craved more. I loved him even more with this drama.

I’m about to start Tomorrow With You this weekend. I heard good things about it so I’m expecting a lot primarily because of Shin Min Ah. This year started good and I hope we see more great dramas this year. Thanks for reading! Annyeong!


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