Flicks and Hits of Lee Jun Ki

Annyeong! It took me a while but I did promise a list of work from my new babe, Lee Jun Ki or Lee Joon Gi (It’s actually the same as 이준기 but the romanization could differ). I’ve yet to watch all of them (I know. I know. It’s just the things that we do for the ones we love) so I’m basically just listing them (Yeah, I also know you can Wikipedia this stuff.) I’ll provide a very short description of those I’ve already watched. For reference, I’m putting titles in bold for those I’ve watched, italicize my personal recommendation, and bold and italicized my favorites.

  • The Hotel Venus (No idea what this is and I’m sorry for the others too. Sorry babe.)
  • Nonstop 4
  • Flying Boys
  • Drama City: What Should I do?
  • Star’s Echo


  • The King and the Clown (The King and I)- This is the film that basically catapulted him into superstardom. He was so young (and so pretty. Still pretty) back then. This historical film is about a pair of traveling clowns who meets the monarch they mock. The king falls for the beautiful clown Gong-Gil. Surrounded by jealous concubines, a king gone bonkers, and all that palace politics, you can only imagine the turmoil happening. Despite the film tearing your heart out, it’s a great, dramatic, historical film.
  • My Girl– I’ve seen this drama 12 years ago and to be honest, my eyes were all on Lee Dong Wook at that time. I can still forgive his acting at this drama and you can still release your second-male lead feels. This drama is the usual ensemble of rich man, poor woman, rich best friend, and irresponsible parents. The rich man and poor woman are forced to live under one roof, pretend to be cousins, and you know the rest.
  • Fly, Daddy, Fly
  • The 101st Proposal
  • May 18 (To watch soon)
  • Virgin Snow– This Japanese- Korean production is just pure, innocent, cute, sweet love between two teenagers from different cultures. It could be boring for some but I ENDURED IT! Yes!
  • Time Between the Dog and the Wolf- I’m currently watching this one and oh boy! The adrenaline rush! This one has it all- drama, romance, action, gangsters, government agents, and sets between Korea and Thailand. Whew!


  • Iljimae– My God! Lee Jun Ki was such a treat to watch here. This drama has the tendency to make you simultaneously cry and laugh. It has Robin Hood vibes set in the Joseon era. My only complaint: I WAS DYING TO SWITCH THE TWO FEMALE LEADS. That’s all.
  • Hero (Not yet but soon. I’ll make time for Lee Jun Ki and Ji Chang Wook.)
  • Arang and the Magistrate- This is not one of my favorites but I do like how the supernatural element wasn’t too dark and I love the humor of this drama. Jun Ki’s acting was also “toned down” so it’s worth watching the difference from his other dramas. Shin Min Ah, the Queen of Chemistry, is also here.


  • Two Weeks Prepare the tissues to wipe your tears and your sweat. Seriously, the constant thought running through my mind while watching this is “How many pounds did Lee Jun Ki lost while filming this drama?” He’s running ALL THE TIME. Jun Ki Appa is so adorable! How do I describe this drama? A MAN WHO JUST CAN’T GET A BREAK? Yep, that’s it.
  • Gunman in JoseonLee Jun Ki here is UBER COOL. I lusted after that jump-gun-shoot intro. I loved watching Korea’s transition in the 19th century as it slowly unfolds itself to liberal thinkers and new ideologies. Jun Ki’s Japanese is music to my ears and his handle of weapons from swords to guns is a must-see.


  • Scholar Who Walks the Night- Vampire Jun Ki. Hello? Do I really need to say more?
  • She Was Pretty (It was a cameo.)
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo– I’ve already talked about this one in the previous post so please check it out.
  • Never Said Goodbye- I was honestly irritated by how these directors and producers just WON’T STOP HURTING LEE JUN KI’S CHARACTER OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN ALL HIS DRAMAS AND FILMS. Sorry about that. If you need to trample your heart again after watching Scarlet Heart, watch this.
  • First Seven Kisses- OK, it’s a web drama and it’s for Lotte but it’s still nice to watch Lee Jun Ki as (finally) a chaebol. Short and sweet.
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Soon! How can I miss his Hollywood debut?)

I read somewhere that he’s offered a drama for 2017 from KBS and it’s supposed to be the Korean version of Criminal Minds. If it is then I am definitely looking forward to it. I hope you receive more Jun Ki love from this. Annyeong!


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