Thoughts on Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai (The Black Devil and the White Prince)


Yes, that’s right. I watched another shoujo movie. No one is too old for shoujo love. I try to tell myself that every time I watch another teen movie. Anyway, I watched Kurosaki kun no Iinari Nante Naranai. I’m still confused about its real English title though. Is it The Black Devil and the White Prince or I Just Won’t Do What Kurosaki Tells Me To? Though both titles make sense, I think the second one is closer to the Japanese title.

But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here about the movie and the thoughts that were running through my head while and after watching it. Not that my thoughts are important and I don’t know why you’re reading this but here we are. First of all, I watched two episodes of the series. I have no idea if there is a third episode but I went from two episodes to the film. You wouldn’t miss much if you went straight for the movie, except Kento Nakajima’s hair and the scissor scene. I forgot if it was included in the movie.


If you haven’t seen it, let me give you the briefest of the briefest of all recaps. This girl, Akabane Yu (Nana Komatsu), moves to a dormitory after her father got a work transfer. On the day she moved, she meets these two guys, Shirakawa Takumi a.k.a. White Prince (Yudai Chiba) and Kurosaki Haruto a.k.a. Black Prince (Kento Nakajima), who turned out to be best friends/roommates/ childhood friends. She immediately likes Takumi and unfortunately, accidentally irks Haruto. Haruto kisses her as a punishment and from then on she becomes obedient to him. I know, right? It sounds so abusive and kinda Stockholm Syndrome-ish. I, frankly, don’t care much for the story so I just concentrated on the other details.


First thought: An Asian dormitory that allows guys into the girls’ room? I truly want to know if a similar place exists. I lived in a mixed dormitory for two years in college, college not high school, and the only places we were allowed to mingle were in the lobby, the TV room, study room, and the kitchen. We weren’t even allowed to go near the stairs or any part of the wing that belongs to the guys. This dorm here is as open as it could get or we would never have the glorious bathroom scene and I would never have cougar thoughts about Kento Nakajima. Excuse me. I need a glass of water.


Second thought: Yudai Chiba is second lead. Again. Tsk. After watching Ao Haru Ride, I was hoping he’d be given a different role but here he is again. I’m not a big fan of Yudai Chiba (No offense to those who are. Follow your dreams! Go Chiba-kun!) since I haven’t seen much of his work. And that is precisely why I was hoping for a fresh role. If he ever gets another second male lead role, then he’d be the master of it already.


Third thought: This is all too sexual for high school. I don’t have a lot of words for this. Let me just show you a hint of it. Kurosaki has a thing for ears and he gave her a hickey, for Pete’s sake!

Fourth thought: Sara Takatsuki is so pretty here. She becomes Yu’s first friend and I would want to be her friend too. She’s looks like a pretty princess with a tough personality- all things I could never be. If I were Kurosaki, I’d actually pick her over Yu.


Fifth thought: Kurosaki on piano is the most emotional/human Kurosaki you’ll ever see. I almost forgot that Kento Nakajima is a singer/musician and I once read that he can actually play the piano quite well. He played the piano for his solo concert before regrouping with Sexy Zone. The piano scene was all I needed to side with Kento Nakajima but not with Kurosaki Haruto.


Last thought: This doesn’t have the best kiss scene ever but it got me thinking. Do younger actors across Asia today attend kissing seminars? Because Asian kissing scenes are getting better and better and I was actually expecting some quick smooches or literal lips to lips press moves. Nope, this wasn’t having any of that. Kento Nakajima has got the moves.



And that’s all I have for today. You can check out the trailer if this got you interested. Thank you for dropping by!


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