Train to Busan (부산행) Movie Review/ Reaction


I just watched the movie a couple of hours ago with my sister and I’m going to say it outright, the movie is worth the hype. After casually mentioning the trailer to my sister, we decided right away to watch the movie without any expectations. When Gong Yoo came on the screen, the first words that pop in my head are “Coffee Prince.” Aha!  I was pleasantly surprised because I almost forgot seeing him on the trailer.

Anyway, I hope to make this short with very, very little spoilers. Just remember that if someone invites you to watch Train  to Busan, go for it! You may get a World War Z/ Snowpiercer vibe but this one’s got a whole ton of pros. You might not want to miss it if you are a zombie/horror, Asian horror in particular, fan. It’s worth the money, well my money.


The stress is just constant. It’s the kind of stress I hope to get while watching a horror/ thriller film. I remember telling my sister, “This is why I watch horror films.” I’m glad to say I fed my horror stress junkie this weekend. Zombie is fiction, obviously (Please, let it be fiction for the rest of my life.) but I do appreciate the “reality” bit that if this was a real outbreak this is what you get. Nope, I’m not giving out that spoiler. (There is no rescue. Ooops!) The train setting just adds to the adrenaline that’s just spilling out of my body. And to make the “safest” destination as Busan? Well, let me tell you a little bit of Korean history according to my Korean teacher/soldier. Busan and Daegu were the only cities in South Korea not captured by the North Korean army during the Korean War. Or he may have said that it was one of the last to be invaded by the North Koreans. My memory is rusty on that area. Anyway, these two cities became refugee camp sites. If that isn’t a reference to their history, then I don’t know what it is. Or it could be on a geographical point since Busan is near the southern tip of South Korea. Either way, it would still make sense… I guess.

Get ready to be on the edge of your seats. All I know is that I developed a small anxiety towards glass doors and glass windows. I also vow, as of today, to be the purest soul (cough) in case I have to survive a zombie outbreak in the future. I am completely breaking this promise tomorrow.

You may want to pee before the movie starts or hold it until after. You’d hate to miss some nerve-wracking scenes. Speaking of scenes, watch out for Ma Dong-Seok as the strong-willed husband, my sister and I call him the “MMA Fighter”. He sure was a scene stealer. I hate to say more because I’d give a whole ton of spoiler. I’d give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars because it gave us a whole hour of after-movie analysis. In conclusion, just WATCH TRAIN TO BUSAN.


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