Change? What Change?

Change - Blue Button

Obviously, I’m deviating a little bit from fangirling as I’m about to talk about change. I’m not the most qualified person to talk about changes in the society and I am the most unispirational speaker I can think of but here I am, talking about change. Elections are coming soon this May in my country and because I’m a citizen of this country, a registered voter, and a somewhat so-so decent kind of person, I’ll tell you what I can see when people talk about change.

I’m not going to endorse a candidate here nor will I discredit one. I am a little bit fed up though to read a few things in social media, especially the clamour for change. Don’t get me wrong. I love change. Change is good. Change is perfect for this country. Change is difficult but it is fatal if it doesn’t happen. What irks me the most is that the people crying out for change in the society are the same people who refuse to change themselves.

How can we change this country if we refuse the simple act of throwing our garbage in their proper bins? Does it really hurt to put that plastic wrapper in your pocket or your bag before finding a garbage can? Does it really hurt not to smoke in public? We want discipline but we choose to wait for a president to tell us to SIMPLY FOLLOW THE LINE. We still cross the road without following the pedestrian lane. We still refuse to use the overpass bridge made for us. We still refuse to follow the very simple traffic rules. Red is stop and green is go. We still park in the handicapped zone. We still use the public road as our personal parking space. We still sit on the stairs which clearly forbids us not to do so. We still refuse to wait in line. We still use our “backers” to get things done faster. We still refuse to respect our neighbors by blaring our voices and music out loud. We still refuse to exercise tact and compassion by continuing our “tsismis” habit. We still refuse to practice respect and acceptance by continuing to use the term “bakla” as an insult, a joke, and looking at femininity as a form of weakness. We still see women as the lower sex.

We still get in the bus in the middle of the road instead of the proper loading zone. We still ask for an extension of deadlines even if it’s already called a deadline. We still use our phones inside a church and inside a theater. We still take photos in a place where it clearly prohibits us to do so. We still eat food in a place where it prohibits us to do so. We still choose to complain every single time and blame the government with our every single misery. We still refuse to care for the environment. We still abuse our animals. We claim to be humans but we clearly lost our humanity. Is that the change we are looking for?

We want change but we still badmouth other people. We still pull each other down. We still refuse to be part of the society by not exercising patience, compassion, tolerance, and consideration. WE REFUSE TO BE CONSIDERATE. The need for our own comfort is always superior than anything else. We still easily believe what we read and what we see. We still believe that our choice of candidate can change our circumstance in life. NO. Whoever will sit in the palace will not change where you are right now unless you do it yourself. You and only you can discipline yourself. Do not wait for another man to change your life. He can’t do it. No matter how smart, how aggressive, how high his morals are, and how charismatic he is, he can’t do it. You must change yourself. Change you!


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