It’s Bloggys’ Time, Nerds!

Admit it, you’ve poured hours and hours of scrolling down your favorite blog until you can feel the numbing of your tucked-in leg. You stretch your left leg, shake the sandy feeling away, and tuck it in again as your gaze never left the screen. The Ahs and Ohs from your daily fix just can’t be replaced.

Guess what? These giggle-worthy reads get to have their own Oscars. Ah yes! It’s that splendid time of the year where your most wanted blogs will be recognized for their relatable, charming, and awe-inspiring contents that make you say, “This is why the web exists.”

Let your fandom heart shine as Bloggys 2015 opens this year with the Nomination Stage starting on September 1, 2015. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Bloggys, don’t fret or maybe you should and scramble to nominate and vote the remarkable Filipino blogs which gave you a mini heart attack, made you shed a tear, roll on the floor, or is just plain magnificent. As nominations are still closed for now, get ready to round up the bloggers who have always made your day.

Fingers won’t bleed but your hearts might if you won’t cast that vote. Voting time for the chosen finalists will start on October 5, 2015 so gear up for the day. This is the perfect opportunity to say your gratitude for all those times they saved you from boredom, ignorance, and yourself. Say it! Say thank you, awesome blogger!

The awarding ceremony or Gala Night (Isn’t that fabulous or what?) will be on November 2015 in SMX Aura, McKinley Parkway, Taguig. Your favorite web people and their amazing blogs will be judged by the finest in the industry. You won’t believe the awesome list of judges. Read them one by one and be amazed. The list include:

  • Mr. Donald Lim, the Chief Digital Head of ABS-CBN
  • Ms. Maria Ressa, Founder and CEO of Rappler
  • Ms. Janette Toral, Founder of and Co-Founder of i-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation
  • Mr. Abe Olandres, Country Manager of Nuffnang Philippines and Founder of the very first Philippine Blog Awards
  • Ms. Cristel Gonzalez, Digital Director of Omnicom Media Group
  • Mr. Eduardo Mapa, CEO of Digital Arts Network
  • Mr. Mannix Pabalan, CEO of Hashtag Digital
  • Mr. Anton Diaz, Founder and professional blogger of OurAwesomePlanet
  • Mr. Sean Si, CEO and SEO Director of SEO-Hacker
  • Mr. Norman Agatep, Managing Director of Havas Worldwide Manila and President of IMMAP
  • Mr. Jojy Azurin, Co-Founder of and Co-Director of The Founder Institute
  • Mr. Juned Sonido, Radio Broadcaster at Aliw Broadcasting and President of the first Philippine Blog Awards
  • Mr. Ron Circujano, Country Manager of oDesk/elance (Upwork)
  • Mr. JJ Disini, Associate Professor at U.P. Diliman’s College of Law and owner of Disini and Disini Law Office
  • Mr. John Nery, Editor-in-Chief of
  • Mr. JM Nualla, Producer at CNN Philippines.

Now, isn’t that something to look forward to? Bloggys, meanwhile, are looking for awesome volunteers that will serve for the event such as staff, event personnel, and verifications or QA teams. Everyone is welcome but bloggers, company executives, and media are highly encouraged.

Since this is an event with an attendance of the most influential bloggers in the country, wouldn’t you want your brand to be a part of this too? Get your brand out there for the Gala Night and avail of sponsorship packages but you must hurry for slots are limited. Media partners are welcome as well!

For your nominations, volunteering, sponsorship, and media partnership, please contact Bloggys at See you there, web nerds!


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