How Dare You, Society?


As I’m writing this, I am gradually accepting the fact that I’m not getting any sleep until the ship docks, which is in 7 hours. In fact, I should be preparing myself for a week’s worth of no sleep, and not because of hospital time, for I am heading home. Ah, home, my beloved province, where electricity is as abundant as today’s dinosaurs. I deeply, deeply regret not buying a deluxe ticket accommodation. Why did I let my brother convince me that I will live on a 14-hour ship trip on economy accommodations? Yes, I’m a selective whiner (deal with it) and this trip is hell. Let me start with the heat. It begun on the first second I stepped in until I’ll step out. When I saw my assigned bunk, I was delighted because it was near the railings. Yey! Ocean view! Yey! Wind! Yey! Peace! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It’s dark. No ocean view. Wind passes at the side. That’s it- at the side only. So if I really wanted some ocean air, I have to be Spiderman or jump in the water. Peace? Ha! We’ll get back to that later.

Heat is my main issue. Alright, first of all, how dare you, society? I am dying with envy at men and small children right now. OK, back up a little. So, I’m traveling on an overnight ship trip, economy class, which means rows and rows of bunk beds with “Co-ed” strangers. I don’t have any problem with that. Now, when the extreme heat came, like right now, little kids and men had their shirts off. See? They’re sleeping “a little better”. Women? No! We can’t strip when it’s hot because of my country’s conservative views. Better die from heat than let men see your lumps of fat.

One more point because how dare you, society? I have been traveling since 8 in the morning, now it’s almost midnight and I still can’t take off my bra because I’m in a public transportation. Do you know how uncomfortable it feels? How itchy? How sweaty? How constricting? How dare you? I’m looking at everyone now and I can’t believe I’m the only one sitting up. Are they all pretending to sleep? Tsk! Society! I went to the restroom and passed by the deluxe accommodation and they all looked so peaceful and cool. How dare I easily agree?

Now, let’s discuss that eluding peace. First, I have a message to smokers. If you want to kill yourselves, please do so in the designated killing…*cough*…smoking area. DON’T SMOKE IN PUBLIC. Don’t smoke beside someone’s bunk bed. Don’t smoke beside children. Just don’t give us your smoke. We have the heat to deal with and we don’t need all the deadly vapors. My second message is for bed hoggers. PLEASE KEEP IT AT HOME. I am very unfortunate to have three bed hoggers surrounding my bunk bed. A third of my bed is occupied by a lady with flailing legs and arms. Your overloaded bed doesn’t give you the right to hog mine. TRAVEL LIGHT FOR GOD’S SAKE! I’m not tall but how am I not fitting in my bed? Second hogger is below my feet. Both arms occupied one fourth of my bed. I wonder when the tickling party starts. Third hogger is above my head- another overloaded bed. This time, the bags were pushing my head. I really should have gone deluxe.

My third message is for parents who travel with their children. Please, for God’s sake, discipline them. Just when I found momentary drowsiness, a kid, maybe around 2 years of age, suddenly jumps on my bed and steps on everything- my book, my bag, and my hair. I kid you not, it hurts! And the mother just looked at him, laughed, and left him alone. I’m verbally and visibly expressing my pain and annoyance but was met with blank stares. What have I done to these people? I hate you society!

On that note, I’m also amazed at society. Look at me, writing, staring at the dark ocean, and hoping it will bring me cool air. Look around me! No peep! No sound! All asleep! So many great pretenders! I have got to get some sleep somehow. If I do get some sleep, there would be an additional paragraph to this. If I don’t, how dare you society?


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