It’s a What? Anime Genre Part 2

And I’m back! Here are the additional genres with some that are seemingly unique to anime and manga.
1. Cars

1- cars
Cars everywhere. Central theme are cars and doesn’t necessarily mean that characters’ hobby are cars. There are just cars… everywhere. Mostly centered on racing.
2. Demons

Evil demons. Cunning demons. Soul-stealing demons. Seductive demons. Perverted demons. Friendly demons. Protective demons. Innocent demons? Good demons? Demon angels? Sexy darkness is significant.

Brimming with sexual innuendo. Lots of panties [pantsu if you want], bras, cleavages, and sexual thought. There are no actual sexual act and no baring of private parts except some buttocks and boobs. Of course, the “unexpected” nudity is
present. Eechi is made for humor, albeit perverted. Eechi is actually the letter H in Japanese which means pervert.
4. Fantasy and Magic

4- magic
The mythical world of magical creatures and monsters with knights, princess, and noble quests. Sometimes set in the real world too but with lots of magic. Filled with defying gravity and laws of physics moment.
5. Game

5- game
Just like it says, it’s centered on games like video/computer games or card games and not on violent and physical sports.

6. Harem/ Reverse Harem

6- harem7- reverse harem
Ah, this might be th fantasy. Focus is on one male protagonist and several pretty female supporting characters. Imagine an awkward, average guy living in a household full of hot girls with different personalities and they’re all coming for him.Female fetishes are represented by the different female personalities. It’s a battelfield. Reverse harem is the exact opposite. It’s one woman versus multiple men.
7. Hentai

7- hentai
Sex. That’s what it is. Full and explicit sex, this is hentai world.
8. Horror

8- horror
Some anime horror are really scary and disturbing stuff.
9. Josei

9- josei
It’s the more mature and realistic romance story. Josei’s more likely to point out the demographic of the anime which are the mature and older ladies [redisu].

10 -kids
Main characters may not necessarily be children but the main target audience are small children.
11. Military

11- military
Lots of soldiers and heavy military-like atmosphere.
12. Music

12- music
Story is centered on music- musical instruments, singers, and idols. The setting is mostly school [School for music].
13. Parody

13- parody
Spoofs making fun of TV stuff, another famous anime, movies, books, or even historical events.
14. Police

14- police
Police presence and detective stories are heavy parts of the series.
15. Samurai

15- samurai
Usually set in historical Japan. Main character[s] is usually a samurai or former samurai warrior. Lots of sword techniques.
16. School

16- school
Main environment is school.
17. Sci-Fi

17- scifi
Sci-Fi is the exaggerated world of science, heavy with technology, and placed in unbelievable settings like underwater or in a suspended city. Watch dialogues closely to keep up with the story.
18. Shounen and Seinen

18- shounen18- seinen
All animes targeted for the male audience. Topics of friendship, battle, some super powers, sports, and comedy. Shonen are animes for boys [around 10-17 years old] while Seinen is for the older males [18 and above] and usually involves more complicated, mind twisting, more diabolical plots, and more violence.
19. Shoujo

19- shoujo
Shoujo’s demographic are young girls usually those that are still in school. But screw that! Anyone can watch shoujo. It’s centered on romance, drama, magic, comedy, and school life.
20. Shoujo Ai [Girl Love]

20 - shoujo ai
The center is on deep relationships between girls or women but not entirely sexual.
21. Shounen Ai [Boy Love]

21- shounen ai
It’s sometimes called as male bonding, or bromance if you want. Centered on friendship between males without romance or sexual suggestion.
22.Slice of Life

22- slice of life
Some philosophical outlook on friendships, love, and life. This is your “feel good” anime which aims to teach lessons about growing up and life.
23. Sports

23- sports
Physical sports is usually the theme like basketball or boxing.
24. Vampire

24- vampire
Ah, let out the fangs. Protagonist, love interest, or antagonist could be the blood suckers.
25. Yaoi

25- yaoi
Oh, the feels. This is centered on romantic/sexual relationship between boys or men. Once sexual thoughts/act is implied here, it is hentai.
26. Yuri

26- yuri
One more flutter for the feels. Much like yaoi but between girs or women. Hentai can also be a part of this.

So… much better? Now choosing is much easier. You don’t have to wonder what genre you like so much. Don’t deny you like Yaoi! Though I watch a lot of shoujo {because in my heart I am a school girl], I do watch a lot of these genre. It’s so hard to choose when the stories are so captivating. Hope you get to enjoy more anime now. Sayonara!

Anime appearance [in order]: Capeta, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Sekirei, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat (Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko), Uta no Prince-sama, Akiba Girls, Corpse Party, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Code Geass, Nodame Canatabile, Gintama, Case Closed (Detective Conan), Rurouni Kenshin,
Kaichou wa Maid sama, Psycho Pass, Hunter X Hunter, Steins;Gate, Nichijou, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Uta Kata, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Kuroko’s Basketball, Tokyo Ghoul, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Kannazuki no Miko


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