It’s A What? Anime Genre Part 1

As promised, here are the anime genres if you want to easily identify an anime. One anime show doesn’t necessarily have only one genre as you can see from my anime rec. Let’s start with the 8 main genres.
1. Action

30313-naruto header
This is pretty much self-explanatory. There’s a lot of movement, fight scenes, the standard shouting, shout your despair, shout your fighting style (HITEN MITSURUGI-RYU!- Flying Heaven Govern Sword Style in Rurouni Kenshin), shout you opponent’s name “NARUUUUTOOOO!!!”.

A lot of physical distortion… No, not really. It’s brimming with jokes, sometimes they’re clean, full of sarcasm, puns, sometimes dirty, and a lot of parody jokes.
3.Tragedy and Drama

Ah, the painful feels. This is where you release it. There’s a lot of emphasis on the emotions. Strikes you where you are most vulnerable. There’s usually death involved and this is the genre where you pick some life philosophy.

This is the demolition of the minds. Your heart will be fooled and your mind will be played. Mind tricks are normal and this genre is usually paired with horror and mystery.
5. Historical

Set in the past. The saga-like and epic-like animes’ setting is historical. You’ll be picking up terms like Shogun, Tokugawa Period,Yamato Period and Meiji Era. The sub-genres are usually supernatural, action,samurai, or romance. Historical animes are not limited to Japanese history. There are some who touch on European history like Three Musketeers.
6. Mecha

Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Movie-Picture-HD-Wallpaper-yecwk-Free (1)
It’s the world of machines and robots, usually the gigantic ones. It goes hand in hand with military, sci-fi, and action genre.
7. Supernatural

You know what this is-Fantasy and paranormal. The wooo-wooo stuff. In here, you’ll find the sexy demons, the bloodthirsty vampires, ghouls, and ghosts that act like human beings. They cry. They love. They get hurt. Sometimes, they eat. Nothing unnatural there.
8. Romance

maxresdefault (1)
Ah, the doki doki of the kokoro. It’s love, love, and love. It’ll have the couple that just can’t be a couple because of so many reasons, the couple who are already a couple? The couple who… wait? Are they part of the story? The love triangles! The love squares! Yes, there is such a thing. Full of stammering, stumbling, blushing, hugging, hand holding, and occasional kisses. Paired with drama, comedy, action…. actually with everything. Sometimes, there’s Eechi or Hentai. *wink*

More genres unique to anime and manga coming soon.

Anime photos (in order): Naruto, School Rumble, Full Metal Alchemist, Gah Durara, Basilisk, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vampire Knight, Lovely Complex


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