YUP! After years of just flailing around and getting up whenever I need to, I now have a morning routine. I don’t need to tell you what I was doing before. All you have to know is that it was a little bad, no purpose, no direction, and no motivation. Generally, I can still control my time since I work at home but I follow a few steps at the start of the day. It helps keep my eye on my goals and I just feel like I’ll be productive when I follow it. We all have different morning routines, you can set whatever suits your lifestyle as long as it keeps you on track.

My Weekend Morning Routine

1. Wake up at the unholy hour of 4:30. I just want to wake up while it’s still dark. I kind of panic when I see a bit of sun.

2. Drink water. Mother of God! Drink lots of water. It has helped me so much.

3. Facial exercise and stretching. Because wrinkles you know. Yeah, vain. Sue me!

4. Bust my music, cook breakfast and pack my sister’s lunch. I’m a kitchen whiz!

5. Play and feed the dogs (My sister does the walking.). My dogs helped me recover from depression and anxiety so much. Just a fur stroke and kisses in the morning and every dark cloud is washed away.

6. Exercise. I do a bit of yoga, ab exercise, and cardio. No, I’m not that fit but I’m trying to be. The general goal is to slim down and be lean but it also helps regulates my sleep, my digestion is better, and most of all, I get more tolerable menstrual pain and lesser cramps.

7. Rest and watch news. Drink more water. Yo! Drink water again! Great for the skin!

8. Eat breakfast. I don’t do slimming diet… at all. I don’t really have eating restrictions. I just control my portions and I NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST. I regularly eat a portion of rice, vegetables, and an egg, fish or meat. Sometimes, I replace rice with bread. I drink a lot of tea because I never acquired the taste for coffee.

9. Clean house and do laundry. Technically, I’m the housekeeper so I do everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I CLEAN EVERYTHING EVERYDAY. I do all the laundry and all the scrubbing. Yeah… everything.

10. Shower. I love showers a lot especially in this heat but I shower not more than 5 or 8 minutes. When I lasted more than that, I’m probably shaving and scrubbing which happens around twice a week.

11. Work. Then I open the laptop and bust my brains.

My Weekend Morning Routine

1. I still wake up early but I adjust it around 5 to 6. Like I said,even if it’s weekend, I panic when I see a glimmer of light from the window. Also, my dog wakes me up.

2. Drink water. WATER!!!

3. Wash face. Because I don’t wash on weekdays. My face is that hardcore.

4. Facial exercise and stretching. Stretch those muscles. Oh! I have this facial exercise of exaggerating the A-E-I-O-U vowel sounds. Try it! It utilizes all those facial muscles.

5. Play and feed the dogs. All those goofy smiles in the morning!

6. Prepare for morning run. I just throw the most unflattering pieces in the closet, tighten my shoes and plug in my music. I listen to One OK Rock, Romeo (Park Jung Min), a load of anime OSTs and Alanis Morissette when I run. Motivation man!

7. Run for at least an hour.  I use Runkeeper and Nike + to keep track of my miles and speed. Man! I sound like an athlete but I’m not. Please, I’m still a lazy bum but I try not to be.

8. Breakfast of arroz caldo (Chicken rice porridge) at the park. Yummy!

9. Go home, rest, and take a shower. This involves a lot of lazing on the cold floor because my muscles are aching. Like right now, I have an aching neck.

10. Then I do whatever the hell I want on a weekend. I make up for all the moving by doing nothing on a weekend. Then Monday comes again.

My routine makes me feel… proactive. Maybe that’s the word I’m looking for. Contrary to my days few years ago, I just don’t dread waking up anymore. 🙂


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