I’m Back!


Hi there! I was off the rails for several weeks because of language studies but I’m back! Aside from personal stuff and fiction writing, I’ll start blogging about my Korean Language learnings. I would like to share them with everyone especially the Hanguel beginners like me, and anyone who might be interested. There’s probably a hundred sites out there about Korean language but I’ll just be sharing what I’ve learned, including my personal struggles with the language.

I started learning the language late last year but I fell off the grid as I became preoccupied with life. I’m quite interested in the language and the country’s culture. Actually, I have great interest in East Asian culture and language. When I thought I completely forgot everything I’ve learned for 38 hours or so, I reassessed myself and found out there were still bits and pieces lodged in my brain. Scared that I would lose it again, I decided to continue studying Korean again.

I, honestly, wanted to master at least one foreign language besides English. My next language target is Nihonggo but first I have to have the basic grasps of Hanguel. From my interviews with foreign language students, researches on the Asian languages, and a little self study, Korean is arguably easier to learn than say Mandarin (another personal goal of mine). So yes, I took the “easier” route.

Starting the first lesson wasn’t a whole, new world to me since I’ve been quite acquainted with KPOP since 2009 but studying it, really studying it, was a different matter. I must admit, IT WAS HARD AT FIRST. I felt quite short with the fast pace of learning of my classmates who, amazingly, picked up the language right away. I decided that I didn’t want to be an idiot with her mouth open while our Korean teacher gave the lectures. I studied at home and PRACTICED. I’m not fluent yet but I can read fairly fast and understand, albeit slowly and the only advice I can give to beginners is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE. Alright then, starting this month I’ll be blogging about the basics of Korean language. 감사합니다!


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