Suddenly, there was movement from the floor. The rock that was lying beside a box turned right, then turned left and slowly moved upright. The rock stood up. It remained still for few seconds then it began hopping towards the table. it stopped at the foot of the table and looked up or it looked like it looked up. A surprisingly booming voice filled the room.


It came from the rock. He was greeted with silence. He spoke again.


This time he was answered with a commotion from the table. There was crunching of glass and what sounded like stomping of feet.

“Who’s there?” the rock asked again.

“Oh, quit your jabbering!” replied a strong, feminine voice.

“Who are you?”

“Wait, we’re going down,” that feminine voice came again.

“Hey, help me!” she shouted.

“Alright, alright,” another strange voice answered.

This time it was a gentle, masculine voice. The rock looked up and waited. Suddenly, a shoe and a slipper landed on his side. The shoe spoke.

“Howdy! I’m Athlety Footy!”

He was the masculine voice.

“I’m Ismagol!” said the slipper.

“Very nice to meet you. I’m Rocky Road. I’m from Mount Vesuvius,” the rock proudly said.

“That’s great,” replied Ismagol. “We came from… Well… The store.”

Rocky looked around the lab.

“We have to figure out what’s going on around here. I was just laying quietly in the box with my friends then there was that loud explosion. Suddenly, my friends are gone.”

Rocky Road sadly walked towards the broken rocks. He faced the shoe and the slipper.

“Then here I am. I can speak and walk. What about you?”

The shoe and the slipper looked at each other.

“I have no idea but I guess we have the same story,” Athlety Footy said.

While the three objects were talking, they didn’t notice that a number of objects moved towards them. A green toothbrush and an old gum were silently hopped. The hedgehog, now alive, walked gently behind Rocky Road’s back. A pink lipstick was making its way beside the hedgehog. Rocky Road, Athlety Footy and Ismagol continued talking.

“What do we do now?” Ismagol asked.

“I still don’t know but we have to find a way. But first, are we the only ones?”

Rocky Road unknowingly said that when the hedgehog appeared behind him.

“I guess not,” Athlety Footy pointed at the hedgehog.

Rocky Road turned and was faced with four more animated objects. They each introduced themselves.

“I’m I-cool,” the gum said and nodded at the toothbrush. “And this is my good friend Kiki.”

Rocky Road acknowledged them.

“My name’s Spiky,” the hedgehog spoke.

Then a flirty, feminine voice which irritated Rocky was heard.

“Hello! I’m Kiss Me!”

It was the pink lipstick’s voice.

Rocky Road looked at everyone.

“Nice to meet you! Do you think we’re all complete?”

I-cool nodded towards the hamster inside the cage.

“What about him?”

Everyone turned to look at the hamster.

“But he’s already alive before the explosion,” Kiss Me said.

“Do you think he was affected too?” asked Spiky.

They all turned to Rocky Road who unexpectedly became the wise man of the group.

“I have no idea but we all know that he can already move and walk and run and-”

“But not talk.”

A cool, calm voice said. They watched as the hamster opened his cage and towards them.

“My name is Geiting. Very pleased to meet you.”

Then they took turns telling their story about the explosion. They were so engrossed in their stories that they didn’t realize the main door opening. Dr. Stemajojuaishe, now in a calmer mood, returned to the laboratory to work again after composing herself. She was so surprised to find the objects walking and talking in the center of the room. Nobody seemed to notice her. She silently walked around them, staring at them with excitement and fascination.

“I did this?” she quietly asked herself.

Then the objects were startled to find her looking down at them. They all scrambled to a corner with fear.

“No. No. No. Don’t be afraid.” The scientist gently said but there was something gleaming in her eyes which the objects sensed. They all backed away from her.

“I’m not going to hurt you. This is just amazing. I could take you to the Science Fair to show them I’m not a fraud.”

At the words Science Fair, they all scrambled and ran to the door.

“NOOOOO!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!!!” Dr. Stemajojuaishe shouted.


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