Surrounding her home lab were hideous, prickly trees. Rare, live poisonous plants were everywhere. It was Poison Ivy’s garden. The second a person takes his first step in the forest, thousands of miniature surveillance cameras glued on every tree and shrub will focus on different angles. A camera would be on the full front and the rest would be on his back and on every visible part of his body. A person’s life would be placed in the Reaper’s hands the minute he entered the secret perimeter of the scientist.

Dr. Stemajojuaishe walked in a fast pace like an excited, anxious kid who missed playing with her toys.Ten meters away from the eight foot steel door, her eyes were scanned by her own invention- The Scanninator. It wasn’t only for the eyes but it could detect the person’s blood type, DNA and basically, his whole identity. But it didn’t end there. Twelve inches away from the steel door, the person intending to enter should say the secret code. Any part of the door was sensitive enough to hear a person’s whisper. Dr. Stemajojuaishe paused and uttered the secret code.

“Gottle of geer.”

She walked inside with an evil eye. Tears continued to flow freely on her cheeks. She carried her bag and the vial with a strong grip. The door did not lead her directly to the laboratory. Instead, the room became an elevator which moved fifty feet below the ground, the one kilometer and a half forward. It was a perfectly planned structure built by her grandfather when she was nine. She used to help her grandfather build the steel door. He built this amazing piece of architecture for a reason she was still unaware of. Her grandfather was a brilliant scientist. He was one of a kind man and he was famous worldwide. He had great dreams for her and he passed away when she was fourteen. She dealt with his death in a hard way.

The laboratory was under the sea with several stations to walk through before entering the main lab. All doors, made of steel, automatically opened and closed except for the main station’s door.

She was in the main station walking back and forth, fidgeting and sweating. Her eyes wandered. She began murmuring. Her face turned red and her eyes shone with madness. She bit her lower lip and drew blood. Blood dripped from her lip. She was alarmed when she tasted and blood and dabbed it with a handkerchief. She stared at her reflection from the wide glass wall of the laboratory where she could see all living sea creatures swimming freely. Sometimes, she wished she could be one of those fishes which only hunt for food.

“I’m wasting my time,” she thought,

She could not stop here. She must do something. She set her laboratory in order and started inventing again. She was suddenly mad with excitement. She needed to save her face and perfect her Vial of Youth. She must not fail her grandfather’s dream.

“What must have gone wrong?” she murmured to herself.

“Let’s see. I poured the first bottle here and a little of this. What if I switch this board first and-”

Something was wrong. She forgot something again like what happened the night before but she couldn’t figure it out.


The tube exploded thrice. Frightened, she backed away from the table.

“What did I do wrong?” she asked herself.

She waited for another explosion but everything remained quiet. She looked around the mess and screamed.


She looked around once more and left the laboratory. Inside the laboratory, broken glass and pink liquid scattered in different corners. Dr. Stemajojuaishe’s equipment and personal things were thrown in every direction. The lab looked like it was a war survivor and there was that eerie silence.

Her rock collection from several volcanoes broke into pieces. Only the largest rock from Mount Vesuvius remained intact but it was stained with the pink liquid.Her Nike shoes and beach slippers, which was neatly stored in a small cabinet, were thrown on the table with the broken tube and each was missing a pair. They were also stained. Her special lipstick from L’Oreal was thoroughly moisturized too. Her toothbrush which stood on an empty glass fell on the floor and dripped. Beside it was an old, unopened bubble gum.The hedgehog stuff toy which was placed mighty high on the cabinet now soaked in the pink liquid. It was the only normal toy she received from her grandfather. Even the hamster, which she’s preparing for an experiment, sat still in its cage. It was wet and shivering from the liquid. The disorder was loud yet the silence was deafening.


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