Collaborative Short Story Writing by Stephanie Delima, Marianne Lim, Jolly Tagapan, Judith Angela Grey, Aiza Cantara, and Sheilo Diamante, special thanks to Opal Lyn Guimaray and Patrice Joann Gelvezon

     “Bug off men! That’s our stuff!” the elder genius twin exclaimed.

     The Reynolds Twin Brothers were the youngest competitor in the Annual Science Fair in the most culturally bound city in the world- Nameless City. The Nameless Museum of Science History was in uproar as if Eris threw a golden apple in the middle of the gleaming parquet floor. Frogs were hopping. Test tubes were exploding. Robots were going berserk. Acid spills were on the floor. Gas fumes filled the empty stomachs of the scientists whose minds brimmed with brilliant ideas.

     Chaos. Panic. Excitement. They were everywhere. However, in the rightmost corner settled an almost heavenly tranquility with no room for any disorder. A table made out of an ornately carved sequoia tree was laid on that side. The table was occupied with Erlenmeyer flasks of different sizes, dozens of test tubes filled with different colored liquids and a number of apparatuses. Despite the myriad images of laboratory tools, the table was sparkling clean and not a hair on loose. In the center of all these scientific paraphernalia was a small, clear vial of pink liquid. It proudly stood on the table.

     Standing beside the intricate table was serene looking young woman. She’s five foot and eight inches tall. Her porcelain beauty boasted of apple red cheeks, fire engine red lips, deep blue eyes framed by horn rimmed glasses, a small nose with dent caused by an impetuous move and an expression as cold as ice. Her calm, confident look was a striking contrast to the jumble that was around her. Her tall and svelte body worked in an efficient and unperturbed manner. She checked her tools and her precious- the Vial of Youth.

     This young scientist was famous for her beauty, her wit and reserved personality. Her passion for discovering the undiscovered was her birth right. She came from a long line of scientists- the Stemajojuaishes. Dr. Stemajojuaishe was a young woman whose credentials were as complicated and as long as her name. She considered it a crime to shorten her name. The Annual Science Fair was not to prove her worth in the scientific world but a chance to reveal an invention so many men have tried to perfect before.

     Judges started circulating the museum to evaluate the inventions.

     “Excuse me, Dr. Stema… Stemajs… Sematjos…”

     The young man, who was only a couple years younger than her, fumbled from the table next to hers. Dr. Stemajojuaishe slowly turned her head to the left and looked at the young man with piercing eyes. A husky, icy voice was heard.

     “Little boy, you should know who you’re talking to. It’s STEMAJOJUAISHE. You’d better remember that name or you’ll never have a chance. But even if you do remember, you still won’t have a chance. “

     The young man nervously looked down.

     “Sorry doctor.”

     She waved her hand to brush the apology away.

     “What do you want?”

     He looked at the mechanical ball that rolled near her heel.


     He quickly bent to pick up the ball and hurried to the other side of his table. Dr. Stemajojuaishe patiently and confidently waited for the judges who were slowly approaching her corner.


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