Boxing People


Repost from July 2013

    An old friend might someday be your partner in life. Or a lover might one day be your just friend. I know people who have gone through this and they were contented. However, this is not me. It’s not how I deal with people.

     My relationships have compartments. They’re in boxes and groups. Family. Friends. Lovers. Enemies. Strangers. Separate boxes. I can’t have a friend and a lover in one box.Why not? They asked me. I said it destroys the order of things.

Then I received the backfire from a dream. It was totally inappropriate but I picked up the gist of the lesson it was trying to drill into my brain. You can’t always categorize people. Most of the time,it’s a mesh of everything. It’s crazy, messy, and complicated but it’s the craziness that makes us whole as a person. You can change your boxes. There could be an exchange or a party in one box. You can always destroy the boxes and spread it on the floor.

People can’t be categorized. The face of a stranger could be your family. It’s sad but it’s true. People have drilled holes in those boxes a long time ago. A party went down and you still smile when you placed them in their “rightful” place. The universe just doesn’t work that way.

Relationships are not predictable. Persons are not predictable. Don’t hold back your feelings with anyone because you’ve placed them in a certain bracket. (I trust that when I say feelings,it’s not necessarily romantic) Open the boxes and let them out.

Sometimes the messiest is the best.


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